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8 Reasons Why You Should Shop at Memory Lane Furniture

  1. Memory Lane’s hardwood furniture brings you the quality, beauty, and endurance that you wish for.

    Why do we recommend you furnish your house with solid wood furniture? Hardwood furniture has characteristics that make it superior to furniture built with soft woods or particle boards.

    • Beauty. Every piece of furniture boasts an original design because the grain patterns come from the unique grain of the tree. No medium density fiberboard (MDF) or printed paper pasted over particle board for us! We sell you the real thing.
    • Strength. Hardwoods live up to their name. They are hard woods that naturally have a good structural integrity. Hardwoods do not absorb moisture as press boards do. Hardwoods maintain their strength, but press boards deteriorate and fall apart over time.
    • Excellent craftsmanship. Typically, skilled workers build with solid wood, while unskilled laborers construct furniture using particle board and medium density fiberboard.
    • Detailed design. Because of the quality and strength of hardwoods, these woods can be crafted into furniture that has unique features and details. Find an intricate piece of solid wood furniture, and rest assured that it will last for many, many years!
  2. Oak will always be oak, and cherry will always be cherry. In comparison to fiberboard whose quality may change over the years depending on the manufacturer, solid wood stays true to its nature. When you choose a certain kind of wood from one of the North American forests, you know that it will always have the characteristics specific to that wood type. Oak has a rugged, masculine beauty. You can count on cherry’s refined grain and naturally-pink coloring for a more feminine look. Hard and soft maple both have their own unique features.

    North American hardwoods do not change. You can depend on quality every time. Would you like to add a new piece of furniture to your living room or bedroom? Choose the same type of wood and finish as the furniture already in the room, and you can have the confidence that the new piece will fit right in!

  3. Memory Lane only sells furniture manufactured by people who care about quality construction and detail. We purchase most of our furniture from Mennonite and Amish shops. Much of the furniture is constructed using modern quality machinery instead of hand tools. However, our suppliers pay attention to detail. They inspect each piece as it is processed. Our furniture, usually constructed with quality cut joints such as mortise and tenon joinery or dovetail design, lasts longer under the wear and tear of family life. Our first-rate furniture is made by people who care!
  4. Wear-resistant finishes enhance the beauty of our furniture for years to come. A durable finish adds to the longevity of the furniture. We use conversion varnishes and lacquer. Most of the wood pieces are finished before the furniture is assembled to prevent damage from moisture, shrinkage, and expansion. These finishes are beautiful and easy to touch up if accidents occur or normal wear and tear mars the appearance.

    Sometimes manufacturers use the finish to cover up an inferior product. Our finishes bring out the natural beauty of the wood grain. They show off the detailed craftsmanship that designed your piece of furniture to be the family heirloom.

  5. Hardwood loggers care about the ecology of North American forests.
    • Forestry agents mark the trees or groups of trees to be cut for wood. They protect the younger trees. This process of selecting trees for logging helps keep the forest resistant to disease.
    • The bark from the trees is used to make mulch, helping the landscaping industry.
    • The slab wood is sent to paper mills or used for mulch or firewood.
    • The sawdust collected from the sawing process is recycled for wood pellets.
    • The lumber is handled responsibly to prevent warping and discoloration.
    • The finishing process respects the environment by using low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and formaldehyde-free finishes.
    • Skilled workers use the lumber to build beautiful furniture. With proper care, hardwood furniture lasts for years, eventually becoming promoted to a prized possession symbolic of family memories!
  6. Memory Lane Furniture values your input in the design process. Would you like a piece of furniture custom-built? Do you have a suggested improvement? Our manufacturers want to build the product that you wish to have. Check out our wide variety of styles including Quaker, Mission, Queen Anne, Early American, and Contemporary. If you would like to adapt something or add a special touch, let us know and we will work with you.

  7. All our furniture is 100% American made. The money you spend with us goes to support hardworking people in the USA, benefiting the American economy.